Happy Women's Day

I am a woman viz a wom(+b-b)an viz a womb-ban viz banned from being in the womb!! Well that is the first thought which comes to my mind as I think of being a woman. Female feoticide is my concern and I am really fortunate to have been allowed to breadth in this world. Though the problems which my birth has posed to me are many but that does not take away my right to fight them. I am confident to overcome them successfully and that on this day every year I will add a a new feather on my cap which will make me prouder of being a woman.

So wishing my mother, the wonderful lady who fought for my existence on this Earth and made me the way I am today and all the other women who are fighting for their existence a Very Happy Women’s Day…

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5 thoughts on “Happy Women's Day

  1. sis,u sound as if u u have undergone lot of hardship in ur life.i think u r literary overdoing ur emotions.i always consider my self lucky to have u s my sis.explore ur brains and beauty in the right cause. happy woman’s day.blessing,

  2. Bhaiya, even I am lucky to have a brother like you and parents who prayed hard to have a girl in their second issue but its not the case with everybody… and my heart reaches out to them.“I” represent woman in general.

  3. < HREF="http://meriawazsuno.blogspot.com/2005/10/oh-baby.html" REL="nofollow">this<> & < HREF="http://polioman.blogspot.com/2005/11/little-girls-missing.html" REL="nofollow"><>this<><> would make an thot provoking as well as insightful reading.wishing you happy womanhood!

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