Can’t we just partition our brain into two parts- one emotional and the other practical? Why is it that decisions taken in the emotional brain effect the normal functioning of the practical brain that has to deal with the real life problems? The emotional brian is imaginative, the practical one is worldly. The emotional is personal, the practical is professional. I want that whatever happens in my personal life should effect the least to my professional life. Can’t there be a wall between the two so that the deeds of one do not affect the other?

I want that I should be able to give in my hundred percent to my profession independent of my personal turmoil. Why does it seem to be that difficult? Is it at all that difficult? Can’t I be that matured and wise to tackle both of them without hampering any of them?

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8 thoughts on “Partitioning

  1. There are three possible scenarios of the right brain-left brain conflict.1. The left brain takes over the right brain or vice-versa. People like Hitler, change leaders in business or politics have this kind of arrangement.2. Both the parts remain in harmony. And depending upon the situation the emotional or logical part takes control. Writer and multitalented people with diverse personality have this kind of mental arrangement.3. Both the parts are in constant conflict. And by the time the solution arrives it’s time to write obituaries. Lesser mortals live in this kind of paradise. Success is a mind game. If you mind is not at ease with itself then forget success.

  2. Probably because the professional (at a minimum of 9-12 hours in a day) takes up so much time that the personal inevitably encroaches into it? Wandered over here from Rashmi’s blog. Is it a great idea to blog under your real name when you have a unique way of spelling it?

  3. simply said – no you cannot partition it!Thats the spice of life – live it, take it with a pinch of salt ‘n pepper… It hurts at times and it tastes good too 🙂 I wouldn’t let you partition it !!! 😉

  4. @May I: Yeah true, Thanks, that’s really enlightening. Understood the gist that the two need to be in harmony for success. Will try to achieve it. @Ashish: Now that’s the problem with me it’s more heart than head that works… The things that I don’t feel for, I am not able to do well in them.🙂 And relax! I am not gonna dissect my brain that soon. There are quite a lot of good things coming up these days…so its precious!@Codey: Thanks for writing in. The unique spelling is my invention… Nothing official about it!

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