How often do you dream? And what do you dream? Do you dream the same thing always or different things? Are the dreams in anyway related to your life ahead? If yes, how serious are you to make them come true? And then when you put in serious efforts and they don’t go your way how do you feel? If you feel sad, how do you recover? Once recovered do you dare to dream it again? And then even if you collect courage to dream it again, are you able to move ahead to give in your hundred percent to it again forgetting about the failure in the first attempt?

I am bothered by these questions these days! Am trying to find their answers!

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4 thoughts on “Dreamz

  1. So many questions at once….I believe that “Dreams fuel many lives”.Without them we will lose the zeal.They are the source of our enthusiasm in life.I have dreamt a lot.Not many have come true.A few have to some extent.Also it depends on what you had dreamt of, to say whether you can try to chase it.If you still have time definitely you can try.Because you always have a tomorrow.

  2. Hi Shashi! Yeah very true… You must have read this earlier still would like to write it out:It’s madness to hate all roses coz you got scratched by a thorn,To give up all your dreams coz one din’t come true,To loose faith in prayers coz one wasn’t answered,To give up on your efforts coz one of them failed,To condemn all your friends coz one betrayed you,Not to believe in love coz someone was unfaithful,Remember that another chance will come up…A new friend…A new love…A new life…Never give up coz Life indeed is beautiful…VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!

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