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One thing that one must not stop doing is writing! If you have a flair for writing and you stop writing either due to lack of time or of lack of matter, you keep feeling restless till a piece is written down. I had not been writing due to both the reasons, have opened up this page several times before, jotted down a few lines and then lost patience to carry on with the thought process. So today thought to defeat my restlessness and impatience by just writing down anything.

I have been regularly watching the new KBC since it’s inception, though my parents do say that they used to like Bachchan doing it more than the flambouyant Khan, still they seem to adore him, as everyday quite a chunk of our discussion over the phone is on Khan. So I tend to believe that they enjoy seeing him. Moreover why won’t they, he has been at his witty-best, humble-best, and smiley-best when at the show. Innocence seems to be with him all the time. Today the contestant (a strict lady school teacher from Jind, Haryana) refused to hug Khan when she wanted to quit the show, he was caught speechless for a moment, but his sharp presence of mind made him tell the lady “if you don’t mind, can I give the cheque to your mother there as I am sure she would definitely want to hug me”, and the crowd burst into a huge applause. I am sure most of us are bowled over by the witty and humourous Khan who has definitely added a new dimension to KBC.

And definitely my parents will keep watching it and keep comparing it with the Bachchan show until one day the old KBC gets faded by the funny memories of the new one!

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4 thoughts on “Just like that

  1. It was probably when I was in class seven,do not remember properly one of my teacher won a national award for writing in hindi. It was a award given to non hindi speaking people for their literary work in hindi. As usual he was honoured in a felicitation ceremony. Eleven years down the line I still remember two things he said that day..
    (a) Write anything. If you have nothing to good to write, write craps. But do not stop writing. Doing a bad thing is better than doing nothing. Because when your mind will change for good you will be able to do good things. But you are habituated not to do anything then even when you want to do,you wont be able to. Same is true for writing also.
    (b) Second part is very sad. I do not know wheather it is proper to mention it here. He told about a glorious day of his life which incidently was also one of the saddest. It was the day of his final PhD thesis submission. All the formalities were completed.He then went to the laboratory to collect his wife’s report. And a few moment later he had his thesis in one hand and confirmation of his wife’s cancer on the other. He said he couldn’t decide wheather to laugh or cry. Well I would have surely cried :(. Life a times hits really hard. A few months later he lost his wife. Ironically some of us(not me ) were happy at the fact that he stopped beating us as he used to do earlier.
    this is rupkamal . (in case it comes anonymous automatically)

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