Whose skin are you in?

Dear all,

This is a very special message to all of you, a cause which I care about.

I am a proud vegetarian and feel very happy about the fact that I am not the cause of an unexpected death of any living organism. “Plants, aren’t they living?”, I hear you immediately complaining, but then that is a matter of huge debate which we should probably avoid here.

I just want to make a simple request here, that we please stop wearing fur and leather as they are produced from animal skin which is extracted inflicting horrible amount of cruelty on them before they are finally killed. In case you are wondering, I do not have any leather jacket, used to have a fur coat which I disposed off last year and have vowed not to buy one again and I do not feel that it has made me any less fashionable. Fashion is defined by you and not by your leather or fur jacket which has been made from the skin of a speechless and uncomplaining animal.

I hope that the video and I have made you at least think about it.


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5 thoughts on “Whose skin are you in?

  1. do you spell your real name the way you do your pseudonym? it’s enchantingand i wear shoes, belts and wallets made of leather… probably spurious leather. do they count too? otherwise i am an animal lover. please refer the badge on my blog

  2. Thanks Burf for dropping by and the remark on the name. I have reserved it to be used only as a literary pen name. It is my own discovery and it entices me as well. I too use leather in shoes and purse, and hence did not ask to foresake these things as I guess it is sensible to preach what we practice. Cute seals on your badge – so nice to see we share the same cause.

  3. I fully support you in this noble venture, I am myself a vegetarian and I have never allowed my children to buy those leather jackets, becuase in foot, its tolerable but wearing eghh…., and now I have thought of never buying leather purses, as enpugh alternatives are available.

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