Mumbai – I feel for you

I can’t think anything other than the Mumbai blasts. Each time I sit down to write, I think of the huge mockery on Indian resilience that we just witnessed, I think of the incompetent bunch of politicians we have who only care about filling up their own pockets and securing votes, I think of those innocent lives lost, I think of the terrorists who look so human and civilised yet committing the most inhuman and uncivilised act of horrendously killing anybody and everybody without any thought.

Yesterday I watched the least celebrated bollywood movie “Ramchand Pakistani”. I cried like a baby towards the end. Had I been watching it alone, I would have probably been wailing. I just could not contain myself. I had been feeling very emotionally charged since the 26/11 event in Mumbai. This movie let it all come out in the form of big tears. I am not liking my helplessness. I really wished that I was just not an ordinary citizen of India, but a celebrity at a position to influence minds through writings and interviews. But why are those whom we have made celebrities in India quiet? Why don’t I hear any strong words condemning the event, any solace for the sorrow I feel sitting here seas away from Mumbai? Why don’t I see anything changing even though this tragedy changed our lives?

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6 thoughts on “Mumbai – I feel for you

  1. Do u still think that celebrities want to do something for anyone except themselves?Only we can save voting good people and by weeding out terrorist among us, because thgis type of terror can not be perpetrated without any help from insiders.

  2. Yeah Renu you are right… However I heard Shahrukh Khan’s interview to Rajdeep Sardesai. He is an honest guy and says he too feels helpless and will stand by somebody who does something justifiable in such circumstances. I wonder who would that person be for whom we all are so eager to stand by. The youth is desperate to do something, to contribute, but they feel directionless. All India needs currently is a leader, a leader who can channelise the energy of millions of youth in a constructive way.

  3. why are they looking to support someone, why not come forward and do something? today’s youth is competent enough tto take charge..why not be a leader….kehte hain na….aap chalo…log aate jaayenge aur karavan ban jaayega.

  4. Who will be the first one Renu? You? Me? Who?? I don’t have any answers… I have now stopped expecting from others when I am myself not able to doing anything. I am scared if others are also feeling like me as that will be a disaster. I don’t want the fire in us to burn down.

  5. I am not scared. and i believe if we do our jobs diligently, everything will be alright, may be it will tske a little longer, but right it certainly be. see all this has been possible only because somebody somewhere was either bribed or slack in his job, honest and integrity in ur life can bring a radical change in everything.

  6. It is a very valid point Renu, but not sure if that is enough… Each one of us minding our own businesses and being sincere to it – does not sound like will bring a revolution. Something dramatic has to happen. Somebody needs to rise above!

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