The Young Revolution

I have been following the debate that has followed the Mumbai blasts in the country. A lot has been said about the inefficiency of the government which has failed miserably not only to stop such terror attacks but also to address the sentiments of the Indian public after the aftermath. I am overwhelmed to see the Indian youth revolting and putting efforts to make themselves heard. There is a visible determination to even take up politics, take charge and root out the problem themselves.

But my concern is not only terrorism anymore. I want to capitalise on the new uprising that India is witnessing, the new awareness that Indian youth is seeing, this new wave of revolution. Why not raise all the other issues that India should be concerned about currently and in the days to come? Why not capitalise on the momentum? Why not dirty our hands well till the elbow when we have already dirtied our palms by taking charge of the current situation in the country?

One global forecast says that the global economic downturn would considerably affect the emerging economies like India and China. The World Bank projects China’s growth to slow from 11.9% in 2007 to 7.5% in 2009 and India’s from 9% to 5.8%. Does not this concern you? The new India that we are so proud of will see a shrinking consumerism, a shrinking money spending and thereby a fall in the standard of living. It has been only sometime that we had started understanding the benefits of an economic development and working towards it, that our concentration has now been diverted. It had only been sometime that I was feeling relieved that we had understood that all our problems would be taken care of if we could simply concentrate on economic and infrastructure development, and now we have so many problems to take care of.

Social under-development in some of the states in India remains a consistent problem. Some states just seem to have made it a point not to develop. They seem to be vying with each other in the parameter of under-development. It hurts to me to say West Bengal tops my list. I have spent well of my growing up days in West Bengal and have grown up hearing stories about its glory and the famous line that ‘what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow’. Where has all that glory gone? West Bengal seems to have stopped thinking ages ago. I do not have anything against the communist party, in fact to an extent I have respect for the ideologies they stand for. But I have issues with those ideologies if they put my state into stagnation or under-development. I have not seen a single significant project, a single change for good that I can list here. The Tata-Nano project in Singur is also gone now. I wonder what good has it done to the hopes of workers expecting to derive livelihood out of it. Orissa, Bihar, Assam and Uttar Pradesh are some other causes of worries.

Isn’t it now time to understand our strengths and use them for our benefits? Our strength is democracy, where each one of us are accountable to every other member of society. Our strength is our good heartedness. Even after our lives got shaken by the 26/11 carnage, we din’t go out on a rampage and din’t believe in the footsteps of US after 9/11. We showed our strength of understanding and thoughtfulness at a time of distress. Our strength is the huge population. When so many voices speak out, it is enough to create a roar and shake up the whole world, let alone those who disturbed our sleeps. Let’s understand this and let’s act together! Jai Hind!

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6 thoughts on “The Young Revolution

  1. Dear Ma'am, Just to add my insights to wat you wrote.First of all on wat you wrote about the youth. I think that the indian youth has become too used to to wat has been happening. I mean the kinda blasts that have happened in US or UK and the reactions they have showed has been certainly more commendable in loads of sense than ours.. Some politicians commenting that this was a regular event just shows the hypocracy. Whenever sth like this happens, there is a media uproar but nobody actually does anything abt it. First the congress repealed the POTA and nw they want it back… Wat sort of legislation is this.. that you need a trial for a terrorist caught on camera and on seen commiting mutiple murders in cold blood.I guess we've given too much in being too sweet.. Its time that we show that we can be harsh.. Why aren't thr frequent attatcks on the US or the UK… is it coz they have an unflawed defense systems.. their's is none better than ours.. but they hit back hard.. US doesnt compromise with hijackers..For them their country is a FAMILY, and anyone who hits them pays hard.. thats a principle that works.. I'd rather all prisoners be left in cages and left to die.. a painful death.. a punishment for they touched our brothers.. coz thats the language they understand.. we've paid too high a price to have loved them.And our youth.. sadly enough they are sleeping. The youth in the metro.. Lets see hw many of them will nt party on new years for what has happened.. who has the time for all this.. everybody is wking hard to earn money.. companies come for placements and cite “WORK HARD AND PARTY HARD” as the principle…I mean its sad when ACP Kamte does nt get a memorial service or a prayer meeting in his own St. Stephen'c College.. He's an alumni.We've just turned a blind eye to everything. It'll nt be before it pinches us that we'll react. We can jus watch news and pass comments.Hw many of us will join the IPS and fight.. nt many and why will they?? there aren't any incentives..Thats the point.. there should be apt incentives for things to functions… Expecting outta national pride.. Sorry it doesnt work anymore.. The Indian Army being short of soldiers is ample proof.The Government should increase salaries.. make work conditions better or else the pvt sector is waiting to grab and pay for talent… and why should nt a man nt think abt his family.The govt should invest amply in arms and training..Israel said that we did nt handle the situation in an apt manner and things could have been better..The commandoes took ages to come.. Thats the reaction time.. France and other countries are condunting drills seeing wat happened here.. Did we do anything. Its just too sluggish.And we talk about the youth.. most of the youth is lying in the villages.. uneducated.. without food.. struggling to breathe.. and we are the ones who pay the least at the grocery shops… I mean.. accept this.. WE OURSELVES ARE RESPONSIBLE for wat is happening.. there is no point blaming the govt.. coz all of us choose to join the pvt sector.. work abroad.. study abroad.. and do nthn here..And i see nthn less that a BIG PUSH that'll change anything… ppl will jus go on routine work.. politicians will keep exploiting and terroist acts will keep happening..We need a big movements.. A zeal that was in Germany once.. or is in Israel.. We need to be tough and Show this to the world.. The moment you are soft and lay at the mercy of others.. Well results are all over the INTERNET. Just type MUMBAI & you have it!!

  2. @Renu: Thanks. @Shoumitro: Thanks for writing down your views. Don’t get misguided by the US. What US did after 9/11 is all a sham and Bush had lots of other motives playing. Its not because of the attackes on Afganistan or Iraq that there are no more terrorist attacks in US, but because they have strenghtened their security. Watch the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore to know the inside story of 9/11 and thereafter. There is lot that we can do, we only need to trust ourselves. Those who leave India and settle abroad become more Indian than Indians actually are. And they do their bit in their capacity possible. Stop blaming that nothing can and will be done and instead think it’s you who has to do it. Each one of us can make a difference. I have started what I can do to be a part of the revolution, think when and how are you are ready to come aboard?!

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