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What could be more scintillating than knowing that the person standing in front of you can read your mind, that whatever crap is going in your mind can be accurately read and understood by the person in front of you? No, I am not talking philosophical here, I am not talking about soul mates here who know what their better half is upto. I am talking about a professional, a sheer professional who claims that he does not have any psychic powers; all he does is capture the energies that our brains radiate. Each one of us has energies around us, and our thoughts attract those energies. He claims to be aware of those energies and thereby tell what is playing in our minds.

I got totally freaked out when I became aware of this concept. I got freaked out only by his TV show, wonder how would I react when he is actually in front of me. Derren Brown was on the business since the start of the show. There was a huge audience in the large auditorium and he involved as many as he possibly could have in the given time. There were various acts of mastery on display. He asked the audience to write their questions on a sheet of paper and fold it into an opaque envelope with their initials and desk number on the top. Just by reading the initial and desk number, Derren went on to say how old the person who has asked the question is, the sex, the name (!!) and also the question. And phew! He was spot on. Audiences like you and me were aghast; they were more freaked out than I was sitting outside the TV set.

There was another trick in which he asked some people to come on stage and by calling some dead spirits he would make the table move which the people called upon on stage are only touching to ensure that it is actual motion and not a delusion. I initially discarded it saying that probably a magnet has been attached inside the table’s legs and somebody below the stage is driving it (though I am not sure if magnet fitted inside wood is able to create a magnetic field). While all this argument was playing on in my mind and I was about to discard the trick as a nonsense, he commanded the table to rise up. Seeing it rise up for a good 30-40 cm above the ground, my argument failed. I submitted myself.

He dint stop there. After playing lots of similar unbelievable tricks, he threw his masterpiece in which he proved that he could read the minds of hundreds of people gathered in the show at the same time. He was too good there. With his eyes closed, he picked up a 30-35 year old guy sitting far behind in the rows, heard him say a yes, and went on to say that he is not English but of foreign origin, probably Ugandian or/and Indian (!), his name is Sachin (!!) and he recently went for a holiday to Iceland. Sachin was dumbstruck. He admitted each of it being true and that he is totally freaked out.

I was particularly freaked out to see that Derren could guess the names of people (accurate most of the times). Do our names really have so much of importance? Do the energies we radiate have names associated with them? Why did Shakespeare then say “What’s in a name?”?

The show left me restless. Now two days down the line and I am still pondering how all this can be done. How is it possible? The answer is not going to be easy but it will surely be no less than a revelation to go out on a hunt.

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7 thoughts on “The Derren Brown Show

  1. Oh yes Renu! I am myself amazed. His shows in the UK are in the months of April-June this year, I will try to manage tickets for one of them to see it for real. For TV viewers, it comes on channel E4.

  2. Nidhi, you may not know me. While searching for something on the net I landed on your blog. I found your post very interesting and have now read almost all your posts in 1 day flat!!. Want to tell you that apart from being a maths champ you are also very good at writing and expressing your views

  3. Mindblowing experience. It would really be great to see such a person in front of your eyes. As such once a young sadhu came to our house while mother was alone. He said he was learning siddhi (yogic rituals) and he had so far learnt to read others’ minds and he wanted to show the power to her. He asked her to imagine anything, and he was able to tell the same to her. And no, she was not hypnotised, as she was able to think independently. In the end, he asked her to give him some money. She gave him only Rs 11, and if she was hypnotised, he would have made her give more, right? Such tricks and powers are not unheard in India too. Spirituality, religion, etc, are not the same… They can do the same magic without being a saint or a sadhu. This is why we don’t say that only those saints are great who can do miracles. (as christians believe that a saint “has to” do miracles before s/he can be canonised. Great to see your experience… Thanks for sharing.

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