Expecting 25

Every year during this time, I write a blogpost expressing my disdain over turning a year older. While I was turning 23, I felt myself inadequate to make my own decisions and pledged to take charge of my life. While turning 24, I realised that I had an enjoyable 23 and did not want to let it go.

Now while I am turning 25, I have mixed feelings. I am matured enough to understand that however much I wish, I cannot buy time and wish it to stop. I have to go with the flow. There is a plan in the pipeline to register a charity in the UK, a charity which will cater to the needs of the street children in India. A separate blogpost detailing this effort will follow in the days to come. I solicit the cooperation and the best wishes of you all in making this effort not only beneficial to the thousands of kids who deserve the same livelihood as ours but also enriching enough to keep us motivated and focussed throughout.

Some other aspects of turning 25 are – I am now allowed to open a pension fund of my own, essentially as I turn 25, I can start planning for my retirement. I will move to a higher age-group, from my current 18-24 age-group (the young person’s age-group in the UK) to 25 and above age-group. This means that I cannot avail any more discounts (eg. rail/bus) based on age anymore. Thoughts of marriage pop up here and there. Marriage is fun, only if you get to marry somebody you fall/rise in love. I am trying to gain knowledge and expertise in the responsibilities that come with a married life post 25.

Unlike all the years when I have strongly resisted turning older and pleaded time to stop ticking, this year is a bit different however. I do not want to resist it, as I understand that it will still happen (probably this is the maturity that I have gained in years 23 and 24), I rather want to pray that 25 turns out to be the best year yet of my life. I am looking forward to you 25, rock on!!

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9 thoughts on “Expecting 25

  1. 25 reminds me of two specific people who touched the “zenith”(forgive me for the wrong use of the word) of their lives and then went on to become legends….(hence nt zenith accurately!!). These two people who greatly inspire me are Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and Michael Dell. I call them great not for the fame and money they have, guess that follows automatically, but i believe they have great minds. For instance, as told by N.S. Siddhu once, the Indian team had gone to a charity somewhere are everybody donated and their names but Sachin's announced in the gathering. Some inquisitive team members went and asked the organizers whether Sachin had not donated anything so that they would do so in his place 'coz it looked odd. The organizer said that the youngest member of the team had donated the most on the condition that his name not be announced. This quality continued during the Kargil War. Such small instances never come to light but go on to make you a great human being. Wish the SAME for you. Good Luck!!

  2. Wish you a happy 25th Birthday – Surely as your blogs say out, this year will be as eventful as the past years of your life! Good luck with all you plan to do.

  3. @Shoumitro: Wow! I am not sure if I will be able to fulfil the high expectations you have from me. Nevertheless, your stories did make me feel inspired – thanks for sharing.

    @Anon: Thank you for your anonymous wishes. It's always nice to see unknown/unidentified people wishing good for you – selfless/unconditional best wishes I call them.

    @Renu: Thank you Renu. I had a quiet (contrary to expectation) but sweet 25th birthday celebration.

  4. hope ur dis year wud be blasting n most memorable.N Gud luck for ur future responsiblities as u turned 25 n crossed d younger age group.Each one of us n God's wishes are always wid u!!Good Luck!!

  5. You can never tell if the wishes are selfless, but in my case they are! I am a regular reader of your blogs, really like some of them, some OK OK…but you should keep writing more often! best luck

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