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Sometimes it makes me really think the huge role media plays in creating and changing perceptions. And therefore such a role needs to be played responsibly. The Indo-Pak coverage, the Modi saga, the scams, the countdown to the elections – everything should be sensibly broadcasted. Indian media is no more restricted only to Indian audiences, it is global. Watching TV talk shows is very frustrating when people who don’t know what is the concept of debating are invited. People use loose languages, speak as if they are in their living room discussing those topics. They need to understand that they are on air being watched by millions of Indians and non-Indians at home and abroad. The language needs to be professional and the debate needs to be more organised. I find people talking over each other all the time.

In British culture if you talk over the other person even by mistake, you profusely apologize. And in debates broadcasted on Indian media I find the participants and the host all talking over each other relentlessly. Same point being discussed over and over again, and sometimes really trivial matters made to look big. I do believe that there is a requirement for debate, something that has only recently found a place in Indian democracy. Unlike American democracy where the quality of debate has matured over the period of time. However it is important to understand and acknowledge that we have at this stage is very immatured and unfinished and embarrassing if I may say so. Please please and please let’s talk sensibly when we are on air no matter what the topic of discussion is… Let’s respect each other’s opinions and objectively counter when given a chance to do so. I wish there were some personal development courses that can be made available to politicians, something that is very common in corporate culture. Debating will be the first skill they need to learn before coming on air to discuss their thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Media and Debates

  1. you are so right..its frustrating to see the debates onTV..leave aside politicians, even socialite or bollywood people , nobody comes out forthrightly, sometimes they are asked only routine questions..nothing important and in debates, they follow their own agenda..forget the topic totally.

  2. Oh absolutely right Renu, I have stopped watching them… Mindless politics into everything, no intellectual debate that you can really learn from. I used to think that to be a leader of a country or any of its smaller set, the one most important thing you need is eloquence, but clearly not!!!

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