About Saanvi

Bestselling author, award-winning artist, and musician, Saanvi Agarwal has been writing her own stories since an early age. Saanvi wrote her first book series “Magical Adventures” when she was a 6-years-old girl.

Read more about her journey as an author and her books by clicking here.

Saanvi lives in London with her parents Nidhi Agarwal and Aakash Agarwal and three years younger sister Driti Agarwal. She loves doing science experiments with her sister Driti. Saanvi and Driti create Yotube videos which are popular amongst young children because they are simple science experiments that can be done at home, or they inspire to learn music at a young age, or take up tree climbing as a hobby, or practice storytelling to build confidence, or engage in art and crafts to expand creativity, and imagination. Click on the image to visit and subscribe to Saanvi’s and Driti’s Youtube channel.

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