Saanvi showed a keen interest in Science from an early age and Niedhie supported her by letting her conduct various science experiments at home. The thrill of creating a video and uploading them on Youtube was the icing on the cake. Find the various videos of Saanvi’s Science Experiments below which she started creating when she was only 6-years-old. Some of them are with her sister Driti who was only 3-years-old.

Project Portfolio: A compilation of all the 10 science experiments which makes 6-year-old Saanvi a Violet Belt certified STEM practitioner.
Bioplastic: Saanvi creates Bioplastic at home using vegan Gelatine, hot water, and food colouring.
3D Printer: Saanvi makes a printer and explains how it works. If you look at a real printer, it works the same way.
Hovercraft: Saanvi explains how to create a hovercraft using a CD, a bottle cap, and a balloon.
Paddleboat: Saanvi makes a paddleboat using simple things like a small plastic container, two pencils and two rubber bands.
Water Fountain: Saanvi shows how to make a water fountain at home in this simple video using things easily available at home.
Water Filter: Saanvi creates a water filter by using a permeable object like cotton which lets water pass through but not all the dirt and pebbles.
2D Graph: Saanvi demonstrates the concept of number lines and how to create 2D graphs using them.
Day/Night: Saanvi demonstrates how the part of the Earth which gets sunlight has morning time whilst the other side has night time.
Fire Extinguisher: Saanvi makes a fire extinguisher at home using a plastic bottle, Vinegar, Baking Soda, and washing up liquid.
Project Portfolio: A compilation of all the 11 science experiments which makes 6 years old Saanvi a White Belt certified STEM practitioner.
Force: Saanvi creates a force machine where she demonstrates how different levels of force can be applied for things to move.
Non-Newtonian Fluid: Saanvi uses cornflour and water to create the Non-Newtonian fluid which becomes solid when applied force and liquid when let go.
Volcano: Saanvi creates a volcanic eruption at home using flour to create the volcanic mountain and vinegar or lemon juice for the acid reacting with baking soda as the base to create the lava bubbles.
Vacuum: Saanvi and Driti experiment with how a burning candle creates a low pressure inside the glass which sucks all the water in.
Lava Lamp: Saanvi and Driti create the mesmerising lava lamp effect using just water, oil, and salt.
Vacuum: Saanvi explains how the low pressure created by the candle flame inside the glass sucks the water from the bowl.
Sink/Float: Saanvi explains the concepts of sink, float, and dissolves with the help of some household materials.
Easter Eggs: Saanvi makes beautiful Easter Eggs using three different techniques at home.

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