About Niedhie

Niedhie is the pen name of Nidhi Agarwal, an Indian born British author, philanthropist and Mathematician who is settled in London working as a Director in a leading international bank.

Niedhie has been writing blogposts since 2006 focusing on socio-political issues and believes that change should be the only constant in life. She authored her first book called “Life Simply Moves On” which draws inspiration from her own personal experiences and the stories she heard from people who felt at ease sharing them with her. Niedhie believes in the motto that life will keep moving on no matter what the circumstances are and therefore, lives each day to its fullest. She has two Master degrees, one in pure Mathematics from one of the top colleges in India, St. Stephen’s College and second one in Financial Mathematics from Warwick University, one of the best British Universities.

Niedhie was offered a full government scholarship for a PhD and had a teaching job in Mathematics at her alma mater, St. Stephen’s College. However, her life changed course when she also started teaching the street children that had been rehabilitated by a charity called Salaam Baalak Trust (SBT) based in Delhi, India. She made it a mission in her life to help the disadvantaged children who ended up being on the streets. In 2009, she established a UK registered charity called Friends of Salaam Baalak Trust (FoSBT). The charity has raised funds as well as awareness in the UK about issues faced by street children in India and had the opportunity to present their goals in the British Parliament.

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