Female Leader

The urge to apply her knowledge of Mathematics to solve real-life industry problems made Niedhie switch from her illustrious academic career to what turned out to be a highly successful corporate career. With a Double Master’s degree in Mathematics, Niedhie quickly switched from her entry-level job as an Analyst to an AVP position and finally to a VP position within the Analytics departments of different multinational banks. Currently, at Director position, she heads up a function which is responsible for validating all risk models globally within HSBC.

Niedhie’s journey-hailing from a small town in India to reaching a senior leadership position in the financial centre of the world is an inspiration for women around the globe. She is also a mother of two young children managing it all with elan. Niedhie wants to create a movement where more women feel supported to pursue their dreams and don’t hold themselves back. She has created a Facebook Group to promote women authors and leaders. Join the movement by sharing your story and inspiring many who think they can’t. The message is simple – “If I can, then why can’t you and if you can’t, then who can?” 

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