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A lot of time goes into organising the wardrobe again and again – only if that time could be saved and instead spent with kids and family! You need to pull out a dress from the bottom of a pile, and immediately there are a heap of clothes that need to be re-arranged. There are different variety of vacuum bags available in the market, however they do not serve the purpose of everyday use. They are good for use if you wanted to tuck away some woollens or a dress you would only wear once in a while. Additionally vacuum bags destroy the crease from the clothes which is not acceptable for clothes to be used on a regular basis. I therefore felt a need to design such a product that can take away our daily worries of wardrobe management. I collaborated with a UK based business called IJ to get my designed clothes storage bags manufactured.

We first launched our range of clothes storage bags in the UK market back in 2011. The clear transparent plastic on the top makes it easy to see the underneath cloth being stored. The zip enables the re-usability feature to it.

These bags can be used day in and out to store away clothes in an organised manner. They can be very important in organising family events like weddings or baby showers carrying clothes or gifts in such occasions. They are great as storage bags for travel purposes. Pack each days outfits into your suitcase in individual bags thereby saving you from creating a mess while taking out clothes from the suitcase. Also helps keeping the ironing of the clothes intact during long travels.

We currently offer these bags in 5 different colours – maroon, red, pink, beige and white. Buy an assorted option to get all the different colours in one consignment. How interesting it would be to have colours assigned to bags used for kids clothes versus your own clothes or to use different colours to differentiate between different types of clothes.

Partnering with IJ to bring this to the mass market enabled me to live my dream of being able to resolve a daily problem. We were the first ones to launch such a product into the market in 2011. However since then some copied variants of our product have come into the market which are output of industrial production. To make sure you buy the genuine IJ quality bag, look out for the branded logo IJ stitched to them. Each of these bags are hand-stitched thereby generating employment. The tailors employed are professionals who have been into tailoring for generations along with staff for manually checking the quality of each one before packing them into bundles with love and care, ready to be sold.

The standard set is of 25 bags which will approximately store as many dresses or shirts or double the number of trousers or skirts or plenty of undergarments, handkerchiefs, socks, stoles, scarves or variety of kids clothing items.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and would be keen to at least give these clothes storage bags one chance to enter your lives. I am certain that will be enough reason for you to buy these again and again.

Simply press the button below to purchase a set of 25 clothes storage bags at an unbeatable price of only £15!!! Just add the colour (out of maroon, red, pink, beige and white) you want in the information for seller text box. You could either pay using your Paypal account or use the “Check out as Guest” option on Paypal page to pay using a credit or debit card. The ordered item would be on its way to the delivery address provided at check out within 24 – 48 hours.

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