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Last but not least, Niedhie is a super-mum to two adorable daughters. In her leisure, Niedhie loves writing about her observations on parenting and some tips and tricks on what makes it possible for her to manage her career along with raising kids. Of course, the biggest secret of it all is having the unwavering and equal support of a super-dad i.e., her loving husband.

Read some of her posts on parenting below.

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Niedhie keeps her two children, Saanvi and Driti, engaged and encourages them to try out different things as she believes in a life full of experiences.

Saanvi showed keen interest in Science from an early age and Niedhie supported her by letting her conduct various science experiments at home. The thrill of creating a video and uploading them on Youtube was the icing on the cake. Find the various videos of Saanvi’s Science Experiments by clicking here.

Saanvi is also a published author with five best-selling books. Follow her on Facebook by clicking here.  

Read more about Saanvi’s book writing journey and how to buy her books by clicking here

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